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Services - Research and Development

NIR Technologies Inc. has diversified capabilities to help develop and implement Research and Development projects on your behalf. The staff at NIR Technologies Inc. will work jointly with your Scientists and Engineers to develop and execute a complete Research and Development plan through its successive stages of planning, initiation, testing, experimentation and validation through to its final implementation. We would also assist you in identifying the potential sources of R&D assistance through several government departments.


FT-NIR Spectrometer (photo courtesy of Bruker Optics Inc.)

FT-NIR Technology In Some Typical Applications

I. Non-destructive, non-intrusive near infrared spectroscopy was used to identify different cable insulation types and formulations installed at several nuclear power plants.

  • A representative near infrared library of cable insulation collected from several nuclear plants was initially developed. This was then complemented by incorporating specially formulated and certified samples by cable manufacturers
  • The validation of the near infrared cable insulation library was achieved by five different methods: self-test against the original spectra, repeatability, reproducibility, independent chemical tests, and field trials
  • The complete near infrared technology was put through the nuclear audit process and accepted as a viable technology to identify the cable insulation in nuclear power plants

II. Quality Assurance for incoming inspection of plastic packaging components for pharmaceutical industry.

  • Numerous plastic packaging components from different manufacturers and/or distributors that had been tested as reference materials were used in the development of a robust FT-NIR identification library and used as a fast, accurate and reliable tool for Quality Assurance of new shipment
  • Typically, the waiting period for testing was reduced from 10 working days to same-day service

III. Quality Control of finished shampoo products for potential use as a Quality Assurance test prior to importing products to Canada.

  • Several batches of each product were collected and used as reference samples for finished product FT-NIR spectral reference library development
  • The FT-NIR spectral reference library demonstrated capability of distinguishing the finished products according to product group

IV. In-vivo human fat content measurement.

  • Obesity in North America has become a major health issue. NIR Technologies Inc. has recently developed and patented a quick, reliable, and accessible method to monitor obesity ( Canadian Patent No. 2,404,891 )
  • The first challenge was to develop reliable reference materials with known fat content for comparison purposes and then to find a suitable body part to provide reliable fat content measurements
  • An indirect comparison of the FT-NIR results with MRI results for subjects with comparable gender, weight, height, and age showed a strong correlation in total body fat content


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